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What is Critical illness Coverage? (什么是重疾保险)

As the world discovers more virus and bacteria of which could be life threatening, new definition of illness is added under the Critical Illness coverage. Which will include the basic 4 things like


  1. Heart Attack (心脏病)

  2. Stroke (cerebrovascular accident) (中风)

  3. Cancer (癌症)

  4. Coronary bypass surgery (心脏搭桥)

Among the big insurance companies in Canada, some of them will cover up to 25 types of illness and 5 special Child Critical Illness like

一般在加拿大的品牌保险公司最多会保25种重疾, 其中有5种是针对儿童的

  1. Cerebral palsy (脑瘫)

  2. Congenital heart disease (先天性心脏病)

  3. Cystic fibrosis (囊性纤维化)

  4. Muscular dystrophy (肌肉营养不良症)

  5. Type 1 diabetes mellitus (1型糖尿病)

How to plan for Critical Illness Insurance?


First of all, take a few minute to answer these questions.


  1. Are you single or married? (你是单身还是结婚)

  2. Who is the primary income of the household? (谁是家里的主要收入来源)

  3. If you should become terminally-ill, who will take care of you? both physically and financially? (如果你生了重病,谁会照顾你以及你的财务?)

  4. Physically meaning helping you eat, go to the washroom, bathe, move around, get dressed. This can be basically anyone, in the case of a married couple, it would usually be the other half. 照顾人-如果你是结婚的人,通常是另一半会花时间,体力来照顾你的起居生活直到康复,包括吃饭,洗澡,穿衣服,移动,等等。

  5. Financially could turn into a very time consuming and labor intensive care. Which will result in a drastic loss of income for both of the couple. 财务上-因为一个重疾-无法工作,另一半在家照顾他,代表着,双方收入会急剧下降,生活水平无法维持,这包括房租,房贷,车贷,吃饭,水,电,瓦斯,网路费,都变成很困难的。如果家里刚好有小朋友要照顾,那另一半就会因此要同时照顾,病人,小朋友,开销。

Perhaps it is a heavy topic, but its very clear to see that anyone with a financial responsibility will be a guaranteed candidate to take a look at this Critical Illness Insurance.


For example (举例)

Justin is 25 years old, recently just married, wife, Shelly is 24 years old. Justin works at a construction site making $50,000/year, Shelly is an Accoutant making $60,000/year.

On the surface its great that they make $110,000 before tax. But if one person should fall terminally ill, in this case, Shelly. 贾斯汀(Justin)今年25岁,最近刚结婚,妻子谢莉(Shelly)今年24岁。 Justin在一个建筑工地工作,年薪为50,000美元,Shelly是一名Accoutant,年薪为60,000美元。从表面上看,他们的税前收入为11万美元,这实在是太好了。但是,如果一个人得了绝症,在这种情况下,如果刚好是,雪莉。

Before tax income quickly drops from

$110,000(Combined) to $50,000 (Justin)

(税前收入很快就从 11万美金 降到 5万美金(如果贾斯丁继续全职上班)

This is IF, Justin still goes to work full time. But most likely Justin will only be able to work 30% of the time depending on the condition of Shelly. (刚开始如果病情没有那么严重,可能贾斯丁还可以工作30%)

30% income of $50,000 from Justin is only $15,000. (年收入5万的30%才1万5000美金)

If Shelly and Justin did not have a huge saving, now the income has dropped from

$110,000 to $15,000


These questions rise up very quickly (这些问题很快就变成难题)

  1. Car Loan (车贷款)

  2. Credit Card Payment (信用卡账单)

  3. Grocery (买菜)

  4. Utility Bills (水电瓦斯费)

  5. Rent / Mortgage (房租/房贷)

  6. Etc (其他费用)

So you see, this is where Critical Illness Insurance comes in


When Shelly is diagnosed with Critical Illness, the family physician will write up something called a "Appointed Physician Statement" saying that the illness is verified as Critical.


So in this case, if Shelly and Justin had Critical Illness Insurance of $200,000 each on their own. (如果他们各自买了20万美金的保额)

Shelly or Justin can take this Physician Statement and apply for the benefit. Which will take about 1-2 weeks of time to get a payout. Sometimes the payout is faster or slower depends on the completeness of the information required.


With a payout of $200,000, what will be easier for Justin and Shelly? (如果有了20万美金 是不是 贾斯丁 跟 雪莉 就有了很多弹性

  1. Financial Security (财务上的保障)

  2. Peace of mind (精神上的保障,无忧)

  3. If terminally ill, Shelly can dispose this money as she wishes, (bucket-list) or leave behind some money for Justin and other family members (雪莉 可以选择 环游世界,做想做的事情,留一笔钱给家人,另一半)

if you have any questions or would like to lean more about it, you can contact me at


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