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-51C is absolutely freezing! Warning for the elderly.

Friendly reminder for the elderly and those with high blood pressure, if you are not prepared for this cold wind, it could potentially lead to a stroke!

Keep warm is very essential during this kind of weather. If you have nothing of urgent to leave the house. I would suggest that you stay home and keep warm.

Keeping the house warm

  • Get the boiler serviced earlier in the year if you can and check the radiators.

  • Keeping the living room at 21°C, the bedroom at 18°C and the rest of the house at least 16°C. Set the heating to come on just before getting up and switch off after bedtime. If it’s very cold, set the heating to come on earlier and turn off later rather than turning the thermostat up.

  • Make sure that the house is well insulated to keep the heat in (and save on bills). Draft proofing doors and windows, as well as insulating the loft (and walls if necessary) will help to retain as much heat as possible.

  • Switch off the heating in any rooms that aren’t used; draw the curtains as it gets dark to help retain the heat.

  • If the house is heated by oil or solid fuel make sure there are adequate supplies for the winter.

  • Electric blankets are fab – and should be checked regularly (particularly if they were bought some time ago). But you don't want the blankets too hot or in direct contact with the skin since it can cause skin burn.

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